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Lifestyle Services from professionals

We all know that the dawning of the sun means the beginning of a new day. Likewise, the sun was, is, and will always be a symbol of power, growth, health, and the cycle of life. Our lifestyle services are to help you grow into the next stage of your new day. We are all born into greatness. The issues that we face are caused by one or a combination of these three things:

We are either never taught how to achieve our greatness

We never learn to continuously live in our greatness

Or worst of all, we never learn how to rebound after falling away from our greatness

Here at MIRRORS, we are dedicated to helping our families and yours pick up the pieces and move upward.

Online Sessions

Our online sessions are private. They can be one or both; individual and/or family sessions. The times and costs of these sessions are as follows:

Mon-Fri: 6-9PM ($55 each session)

Sat: 1 - 4PM ($75 each session)

Sun: 3-6PM ($85 each session)

** Following two months of online counseling, clients will be urged to attend the group session created for all online participants.


Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are counselor and client only attended sessions. The times and costs are as follows:

Sat: 8AM-12PM ($25 per person per session)

Family Sessions

The entire family lives with mental illness and in the throes of addiction. Not just the individual. Our family focused sessions are where each member of the family gets to have their voice heard. The time and costs are as follows:

Sat: 8AM-12PM ($40 per couple per session and $60 per family per session)

** Please note that the actual client does not need to be present in order for the family to attend sessions.

Group Sessions

Group therapy is a core function of healing. This is where we learn that we are not alone. Our situations are only unique to us. When we share them with others we learn that they are actually identical or very similar to the situations of others. Group therapy is also where we learn to encourage and support each other. Session times and costs are as follows:

2nd and 4th Fridays 5:30PM-7:30 PM

$25 per person

$40 per couple

$60 per family

**We also have family group sessions

Reminder To Be Great


This is a reminder that it is never too late to change the course of your life. Call us today and change who you see in your MIRROR! 

Upcoming Events

We are currently in contact with a youth camp location. We are looking to take a group of young people on a day trip of outdoor activities. We are hoping to show them how to be a part of a real



More information on this trip will be provided as it comes together.

Addiction: a chronic, relapsing brain disease that is characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences.